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By on February 12th, 2021

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Have you ever wondered what commercial locksmiths do? Well, you are in the right place. Read on to find out everything about 24-hour emergency locksmith services.  By the end, you will be well aware of the various commercial locksmith services offered in Northern Beaches.


Rekeying your locks is necessary for security reasons. You can’t keep using the same set of keys for more than a few years. What happens if an employee abruptly leaves your company? Can you rest easy knowing a copy of your keys might be in malicious hands? I didn’t think so. 

A commercial locksmith in Sydney is your best option when it comes to such situations. A residential locksmith will not have the expertise or resources to get the job done. That aside, let’s assume you lose your keys. Of course, you will need the services of a locksmith immediately. 

Northern beaches locksmith co offers 24-hour emergency locksmith services. We will be at your service no matter the time of the day or night. 

Digital Keypad Lock Installation

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you have invested heavily in your business. Traditional locks might not cut it for you. If you are looking for something more advanced or a better way to protect your investment, then digital locks might be right up your alley. 

However, only certified locksmiths in Northern Beaches can properly carry out digital keypad lock installation. Hiring a commercial door locksmith is a smart business move on your part. They will first advise you on the best options to pick with your budget in mind. And as if this isn’t enough, they offer emergency locksmith services in case you need urgent help.

Security Safes – Open, Supply, Fit and Repair.

Do you have any valuables in your office? If yes, then you know the worry that comes with every time you leave. 

Locking important documents in your desk is simply not enough. You need a secure means of storing your valuables. Our advice? Install a safe as soon as you can. 

However, you should know that not all safes are made equal. A commercial locksmith in Sydney will know what kind of safe will best meet your needs. What’s more, they’ll make sure that your safe is installed properly. 

In most burglary cases, poor safe installation is to blame. At Northern Beaches Locksmith Co, we offer safe maintenance, in addition to the rest of the services mentioned. 

 Emergency Locksmith Cuts All Types Of Keys

Let’s face it, spare keys are a must-have. Having only one set of keys is not a really great idea. Think about emergencies. You would be out of options in case you lose your key. 

Commercial locksmiths can cut all types of keys. It’s up to you to decide how many copies you want. Expert key cutters can even produce copies of your key from the lock.

If you have ever lost your keys, you know how much of a lifesaver key cutting in North Sydney is. You can avoid the hassle and expense of replacing your entire lock system. 

Windows and Door Locks- Supply, Fit and Repair

Having the door lock malfunction on a business day is easily the worst nightmare out there for business people. It’s a good thing that 24-hour emergency locksmith services are readily available. Make sure you are working with a commercial door locksmith if you are business. 

At Northern Beaches Locksmiths Co, we repair every kind of lock ever released.  To top it off, we can supply and fit your business with any lock of your choice. 

And if you don’t know much about commercial locks, worry not. Our experts will walk you through your options and help you pick the best possible choice. Remember to only hire reputable companies if you want the best locks for your business. 

Burglary Repairs

A burglary is not an experience anyone should have to go through. However, you can’t afford to sit down and count your losses once it happens. You need to go on the offensive.

Hiring a commercial locksmith is your best option. The sooner you do this, the better. Your business will be vulnerable after the burglary. A commercial locksmith in Northern Beaches will know the steps to take to deter burglars in the future.

The first step of burglary repairs. Next, it is to find all existing security flaws. This will allow the locksmith to make your business impregnable. We will also prep you on how to make your business more secure. 

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith & Emergency Lockouts

Have you ever locked yourself out of your office? If no, believe it when those who have been through it tell you it’s an exercise in frustration. 

Without 24-hour emergency locksmith services, your only option would be to break your door down. But this is not an ideal option, especially when you could simply have commercial locksmiths in Northern Beaches help you out. 

The best part is, we will replace the lock if we have to dismantle it. It doesn’t matter the time of the day or night. And you will only have to pay a negligible service charge for that.

In summary, we can all agree that 24-hour emergency locksmith services are essential for any business out there. It is hard to tell when an emergency could occur. Besides you still, need locksmith services to enhance your security. Get in touch with our experts at Northern Beaches Locksmith Co. If you need any help with your locks and keys.

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