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By on March 3rd, 2021

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If you’ve recently moved into a new place, changing the locks might seem like the only option. What many of us do not know is that you could use rekey services Sydney to achieve the same outcome. In fact, rekeying your locks is a lot cheaper and convenient than changing them.

We all want the assurance that our home will be safe and secure. And rekeying your locks guarantees that. But not every locksmith will disclose the options available to you. Some simply want you to change the locks because it is more profitable for them.

Fortunately, this guide will give you insight into what rekeying is and its benefits. First, we must understand what it means to re-key.

Rekeying A Lock

While changing a lock is basically replacing the old with the new, re-keying is different. The locksmith changes the working key while leaving the existing lock intact. This way, you get a different key without changing your lock.

When rekeying a lock, the locksmith will detach the lock and replace certain parts. These parts are key pins. The key pins in your lock respond to a specific key. By changing these key pins, you essentially create a new lock system that works with a different key. Fascinating, isn’t it?

For the locksmith to rekey a lock, he must have an original or existing key that matches the lock (your keys). Without it, the locksmith may have to prick the lock open. It’s usually no hassle for a professional locksmith. But you may be charged extra fees. This may be more costly altogether than replacing the lock.

Rekey Services Sydney Vs Changing Locks

Rekeying a lock won’t improve its structural integrity nor make it less secure. How secure the lock is will depend on the number of key pins it has. Provided the locksmith installs a new set of key pins with the same number as the old, the lock basically remains the same.

If you’re opting for a more secure lock, you may have to replace it with a better one.

Because of the low charges, most homeowners prefer rekeying to changing their locks. With re-keying, you only pay for the work done. Changing locks will cost you both labour charges and parts.

Re-keying has multiple purposes. You don’t have to contact re-key services only when changing keys. Here are other uses.

First, if you have different locks in your house, it would mean having a separate key for each lock. Depending on the size of your home, that can be quite a fat bunch of keys. To avoid this inconvenience, a locksmith can rekey your locks and match them with one key. To achieve this, however, all your locks should come from the same manufacturer.

Secondly, you may have just moved in, but your landlord couldn’t find the matching keys to your locks. In such a situation, it’s important to weigh what will be more cost-effective. If the locksmith has to pick the lock open to rekey, it could cost you more. Changing the locks may prove more expensive as well. See what works best.

Why Rekey Services?

Here are the compelling reasons why you should rekey your new home: 

A Cheaper Option

Picture moving into a big house. Besides having to deal with many doors, there’s a high likelihood of not getting all matching keys. Now think about the cost of having to change them.

Here’s the good news. You do not have to do all that. Rekey services have you covered. Not only is the process cost-effective but also time-consuming. It helps you avoid the frustrations of moving in.

Ensure Security

While rekeying a lock may not improve its security, it’s definitely enough to keep out strangers. Especially if you are moving into a rental property. Whether it’s residential or commercial, you’re definitely not the first person to use it. Rekeying your locks is an excellent way of keeping trespassers away.

Rekey Services Preserve Your Home’s Design

A home’s look and appeal owe a lot to its interior and exterior decor. From small improvements to major renovations, you’d definitely want things to remain the way they are.

Some locks are pretty impressive and make your doors look cool. Re-keying such locks leave them intact. However, changing the lock of your front door, for example, can destroy its original look.

You should therefore be careful when considering rekey services Sydney VS changing locks. 

Keeps Your Family And Belongings Secure

Every homeowner knows the feeling of relief that sets upon them once they’ve fixed their locks. When you rekey your locks, it immediately eases your mind. You’re guaranteed no surprise visits from earlier tenants or even your landlord!

A Master Key

As we earlier mentioned, rekeying your locks serves different purposes. By matching one key to all your locks, you have a master key that grants you unlimited access.

It’s also beneficial in terms of security. Staff employees in commercial establishments can have master keys that give them access.

As we sum up, we want you to settle in perfectly in your new home. Are you unsure of the security threats in your area? There are easily noticeable signs that show a break-in attempt into your house.

If you spot these signs, immediately contact locksmith services.

Major Damage

Most break-in attempts leave evidence. Mostly damage inflicted on the door, frame and locks. The lock may have dents or drill holes through it. The door frame may also appear bruised and splintered.

Minor Scratch Marks

Burglars today are using more brains than brawn. Lock picking offers the perfect stealth and effectiveness needed for a successful break-in. Lock picking tools, fortunately, leave telltale scratches on the lock plate. A locksmith can be able to tell if someone recently tried to pick your lock. Rekey services can help you replace the key pins.

Take this opportunity to book or learn more about rekeying services from the best locksmith in Sydney. We would be glad to hear from you. Get in touch with us today. 

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